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      London Taxis

      London taxis, also referred to as "black cabs", are an iconic symbol of the UK capital. Taking a London taxi is a convenient and comfortable way to travel around the city, whether you're a tourist or a local. Taking a London taxi is easy – hail a London taxi in the street or wait your turn at at designated taxi rank. London taxi drivers are highly trained, so will always know the most efficient route to take. All London taxis are fully accessible, able to accomodate wheelchairs and guide dogs as required. London taxi fares are calculated based on a combination of distance and time. London taxi fares are regulated by Transport for London (TfL) and are displayed clearly on the meter inside the cab. The meter starts with a minimum fare, then accrues additional charges as the taxi travels. Charges are higher during peak hours and at night. London taxi fares can be paid in cash or by card, including contactless methods.


      Minicabs, also known as private hire vehicles, provide an alternative mode of transport to the city's iconic London taxis. Unlike black cabs, minicabs must always be booked in advance with a licensed private hire operator. Minicab bookings can be made by phone, in person at the operator's office or online using an app or website such as Cabubble. Minicabs in London do not have a meter like London taxis. Instead, the fare is set when the minicab booking is made. The fare may be a fixed price or calculated based on distance. This predetermined fare system offers passengers predictability about the cost of their journey. Minicab fares can vary from one provider to another, so Cabubble can help you compare minicab fares and services easily before making your booking. To ensure safety and quality service, minicabs and their drivers must be licensed by Transport for London (TfL). Licensing requirements include vehicle checks, driver background checks and insurance coverage.

      Minicabs in London

      Minicabs in London are a popular choice for residents and visitors alike, particularly for pre-planned airport transfers to and from London airports. While they may lack the historical charm of black cabs, minicabs in London provide a practical and often more affordable transport option for those travelling in and around London.

      London Congestion Charging Zone

      London taxis are exempt from the Congestion Charge. Minicabs are not exempt, so if travelling by minicab in the London Congestion Charge zone, check when booking if the charge is included in the fare.

      Greater London Minicab and Taxi Services

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