Taxi and Minicab Company Testimonials

Passengers rate the taxi and minicab companies available on Cabubble very highly. But how do these companies rate Cabubble? Below are some of the many testimonials we have received from local taxi and private hire companies throughout the UK.

  • 1st Direct Cars, Hungerford

    We have worked with them since the early days and highly recommend Cabubble. After years of searching for a good quoting and booking engine we came across this system, it does everything it says on the tin and more. The technical support is second to none and no problem however small is dealt with extremely efficiently.

    Whether you're a customer or a supplier we think there is no other better system on the market. Cabubble Rocks!!!

    Mark Townsend (Director) 1st Direct Cars, Hungerford

  • 2 Double 7, Portishead

    Quite simply, generating you business income from day one. This is THE BEST system that I have implemented, with the help of Cabubble system and staff, for making our online enquiries convert to bookings.

    Simon Kitchen (Proprietor) 2 Double 7, Portishead

  • A1 Taxis, Rotherham

    We at A1 Taxis Rotherham have used Cabubble for a number of years now and have seen a steady increase in online bookings. The system is easy to use and understand, also the new online payment is a lot quicker and smoother: just press the button to accept payment.

    I have no problem in recommending Cabubble to anyone.

    Steve Watson (Manager) A1 Taxis, Rotherham

  • ABC Cars, Wolverhampton

    ABC Cars Wolverhampton say 5 star Cabubble! Only a year since we started using the booking system on our site but very pleased with the amount of bookings we're now taking. Wish we Cabubbled sooner!

    Greg Caley (General Manager) ABC Cars, Wolverhampton

  • ACE-ABC, Mansfield

    We have been using Cabubble for several years now and seen a steady growth in the bookings we receive. Cabubble has been an excellent addition to our existing system and the recent integration of card processing through Stripe has streamlined its use even more.

    We are pleased to have been one of the pioneering cab companies involved in the initial set up of the booking platform and would recommend it to any company looking to attract customers they wouldn't usually see.

    Nick Shaw (Operations Manager) ACE-ABC, Mansfield

  • Aero Taxis, Cannock

    We have been using the Cabubble platform for approximately 3 months now and I can confirm that it is a good tool to increase your bookings. It is compatible with most dispatch systems and as I have found it works in a similar way to having your own app. The payments are quick and trouble-free. The call centre staff are always there should you have a query.

    It's a good way of acquiring bookings in your area that you wouldn't have received normally and at a price you're in control of.

    Mohammed Islam (Director) Aero Taxis, Cannock

  • Bath Spa Taxi, Somerset

    I searched on the internet for an online booking system and I applied to Cabubble in 2016 and I still am with them, simply because they are 100% reliable at a fair price.

    The start must find you ready for a short but accelerated training and initial settings, then you can customise everything you can possibly imagine. When in doubt, just ask and you will get the clearest answer and the right solution.

    I am confident since I use Cabubble for my taxi and minicab bookings and I really believe it is the most complex, complete, yet easy to use taxi business system.

    You must try it, as you can only win, no matter your taxi business size. Thank you guys for all the hard work behind the internet window.

    Octavian Maier (Director) Bath Spa Taxi, Somerset

  • Brighton and Hove Streamline Taxis, East Sussex

    Cabubble is a great, efficient tool. It's used by local and visitors to the city. Its easy to use portal gets us many bookings from all over the county. For operators it's easy to use, accept a booking and get email confirmation, simplicity at its best. We have been a user since 2012.

    Barry Cooper (IT Manager) Brighton and Hove Streamline Taxis

  • Britannia Taxis, Merseyside

    Since Britannia started working with Cabubble 12 months ago we have seen a large increase in our job count. The quality of the work is of a higher standard than your stereotypical taxi booking! The drivers are very impressed.

    The automation and accurate online portal are very easy to use. When the jobs are booked by debit or credit card we receive payment quickly. The costs involved are very reasonable and the customer service is of a very high standard.

    Paul Thomas (Manager) Britannia Taxis, Merseyside

  • Blue Star Taxis, Cumbria

    Having come on board with Cabubble at its early inception I was totally impressed with the usability of the system. Unlike every other online booking engine I had ever looked at, Cabubble addressed the issues with booking and pricing routes that every taxi business requires.

    Totally controllable by the user, Cabubble can be set up to take into account dead mileage, extras, special rates, either as simple as night/day rate or bank holiday rates specified for certain days, promotional rates. You can even set Cabubble not to quote for routes you do not wish to take.

    Total controllability from day one and in the ensuing years, Cabubble has just continuously improved. I cannot envisage utilising any other system and all other online booking engines I have been introduced to over the years have not come even close.

    Andrew Britton (Director) Blue Star Taxis, Kendal

  • City Cars, Glasgow

    Here at City Cars we have been using Cabubble for just over a year and can see an increase in our online bookings. Simple to set up and easy to use. Staff always respond very promptly if there are any issues.

    Kerrie Flynn (Office Manager) City Cars, Glasgow

  • Computer Cabs, Kent

    Cabubble without a doubt is a hassle free, easy to set up online booking engine. Our customers find it extremely easy to book through. We just recently had the option to have an alternative booking service with our data dispatch provider, but after weighing up the costs and flexibility Cabubble offers, there is just no other option.

    Great booking service, highly recommended.

    Wayne Old (Director) Computer Cabs, Strood, Kent

  • Daddy Cabs, Cambridgeshire

    I've been using Cabubble now for three years this March and I can say it's the best taxi online booking system.

    I've been guided through the setup process and receive continued support from calm, helpful staff. I have only had brilliant reviews from my customers about how easy it is to get a quote, book and pay. The booking system has integrated well with my mobile app and all for an amazing price.

    Top work guys, thanks for your continued support.

    Simon Stiff (Director) Daddy Cabs, March, Cambridgeshire

  • Discount Cabs, Lincoln

    Discount Cabs (Lincoln) Ltd have been using Cabubble for almost five years now. There was a lot to set up in the beginning and the Cabubble team were extremely helpful in guiding us. Most of the features are easy to set up – pricing being the only one which can be a little difficult, but we managed to get the prices very close to those on our Cordic dispatch system.

    We have seen a steady growth in the number of bookings received with a few being local journeys but the majority being distance work. We have had many enquiries, and bookings, from passengers travelling to the UK from all over the world.

    The introduction of Stripe has made the payment handling far easier as any out of area pick up is pre-paid – all we have to do is book the job.

    Peter D Brooks (General Manager) Discount Cabs (Lincoln)

  • DS Airport Cars, Fareham

    A very efficient and simple booking platform praised by our customers. Being on their national comparison site is a massive bonus. Excellent customer service and 5-star support – thank you!

    Dariusz Szuleko (Proprietor) DS Airport Cars, Fareham

  • Dundee Taxis

    We've been very impressed with Cabubble. As new users we found it very easy to set up and integrate onto our website. Using Cabubble has increased the number of jobs through our office and we have found we now have regular customers using it to book their taxis.

    Our operators are able to use it with no problem at all. It's very simple to use. You just sit back and wait for the bookings coming in with little involvement whatsoever.

    It's what every taxi office needs to keep up with this ever changing world of online computer and mobile phone technology.

    Mike Scullion (Director) Dundee Taxis

  • EuroCars, North London

    We have been working with Cabubble for about a year now. During this period the amount of work that we receive from Cabubble has increased steadily. The beauty of working with Cabubble is that nothing is promised and a lot is delivered, unlike many other booking portals that promise a lot and deliver nothing.

    The excellent aspect of working with Cabubble is the fact that we, as a partner, are in total control of what we do and for that matter what we do not do too.

    Excellent concept! Highly recommended.

    Ali Gokcek (Director) EuroCars, Enfield, London

  • Eurotaxis, Bristol

    We have been using Cabubble for a number of years and have seen usage go up steadily in that time. It took us a little bit of time to set the system up to the way we operate but now it generates literally thousands of pounds for us with very little cost.

    William Sanzo (Director) Eurotaxis, Bristol

  • Exec Cars, Exeter

    Joining Cabubble has really helped increase our amount of business. The online booking system works excellently and the feedback from our customers who have booked online is always positive.

    Stuart Prophet (Proprietor) Exec Cars, Exeter

  • Go Cars, Luton

    We have been with Cabubble a few years now and we receive high levels of high value bookings. The onboarding process was seamless with Cabubble having API integration with our dispatch system iCabbi. The team were great and helped out with everything.

    A no-brainer if you want increases in booking volume!

    Tyler Pickford (CEO) Go Cars, Luton

  • Gold Line Taxis, St Albans

    I was contacted by Cabubble in November 2010 about joining them. At first I thought it was another of the many "get rich quick schemes" that were about then. After listening to them, I realised that they were not promising the Earth, they sounded very genuine and honest. As it was not going to cost me anything, I gave it a try. At first it was a bit slow, which they did say would happen. Then as time went on, it has got a lot busier.

    I like the system because you can set it up exactly as you want. You set the fare rate, which you can set to change with different vehicles, days or even time of the day. It can be a little confusing setting up the one and only time, but they are always willing to help you. One of the biggest benefits is the online booking system which we have on our website. This has proved very popular with our customers.

    We now do close to 300 jobs a month through Cabubble of which over 100 are airport runs... Another good thing is the card payment. The customer puts their details in and all we have to do is press a button and it automatically goes into our bank.

    I really cannot praise Cabubble enough, it has increased our work with the minimum of effort or cost.

    Ken Jones (Director) Gold Line Taxis, St Albans

  • Grafton Taxis, Newton Abbott

    I highly recommend Cabubble for the excellent control it gives you for setting your fares correctly, and the support you receive is above and beyond. While other sites allow a sliding fare scale, Cabubble gives you control not only over distance fares, but dedicated sections that allow you to set your special fares precisely by area.

    Cabubble has been a great asset for us, allowing customers an extra way to book and securely pay with fantastic communication. We have received many extra jobs we would not necessarily have won due to the partners Cabubble work with, with several turning into repeat customers.

    A must for any taxi company!

    Jenny Edworthy (Operations Manager) Grafton Taxis, Newton Abbott

  • Intercity Private Hire, Stoke-on-Trent

    We have been a partner with Cabubble for a number of years and have seen the development of this booking portal grow and grow. It's a great tool for our customers to use when booking a taxi direct from our website and very easy – with the added bonus of paying by card.

    Cabubble is an integral part of our business and I'm sure its success will continue. Well done Cabubble.

    Malcolm Beardmore (Director) Intercity Private Hire, Stoke-on-Trent

  • JLF Transfers, Blackburn

    I've been using the Cabubble engine now for approximately 6 months and I must say I'm getting some good quality bookings through the system. The training to use the system is spot on and I would recommend this to any small or large transfer / taxi company to build their workload.

    John Fitzpatrick (Proprietor) JLF Transfers, Blackburn

  • Kay's Cabs, Edinburgh

    Cabubble has been a great addition to our website, allowing customers to book and prepay their journeys without the need to download an app first.

    Exactly what we were looking for, thank you Cabubble.

    Chris Kay (Managing Director) Kay's Cabs, Edinburgh

  • Kingston Area Cars, West London

    We at K.A.C. Mini-cabs and Courier Services have been using Cabubble since July 2012, and are one of the earlier adopters of its pioneering services as a booking engine and pre-booked taxi services comparison website.

    Since then we have enjoyed an extremely positive experience with the management side and with the product itself. Our booking volume has increased on a weekly basis. In spite of various upheavals in the industry caused by new technology coming in to the taxi/mini-cab sector, some with heavy investment, Cabubble has held its own in maintaining steady year-on-year growth.

    I must add that despite many new booking engine websites/businesses approaching us, we at K.A.C. have never felt the need to even hear their benefits or comparisons since we have no reason to even look outside Cabubble. I am not just saying this, but when you are with a company that pioneered the search engine website for your particular industry, why or rather WHERE else can you find a better product?

    Raj Nanda (Director) Kingston Area Cars, London

  • Kwik Cars, Southport

    We've had the system integrated with Autocab Ghost for over a year. The quality of the work, the adaptability of the system and the ease of use makes it the best of its type.

    Liam Rice (Manager) Kwik Cars, Southport

  • London Net Cars, South-West London

    London Net Cars is proud to say that we have been working with Cabubble for some time now.

    With a background in IT engineering I can say that the system put together by the Cabubble team is very clever, sophisticated, intelligent and most of all user-friendly. The thinking behind the system not only has passengers in mind but also focuses on the needs and the profitability of cab offices.

    If anyone in South West London wants some help about the configuration of the system, do not hesitate to contact me for advice.

    Finally, I am not saying nice words about Cabubble because they pay me for this. I am writing 100% honestly from my heart and I believe if someone or some people do something good, they must be praised and mentioned. That is the thinking behind my testimony.

    Abdi Musse (Company Secretary) London Net Cars, London

  • Magnum Whiteline, Whitefield

    We are a Private Hire Company in the Greater Manchester area and have worked alongside Cabubble now for a few months. Staff have been very helpful with the set up, and achieved us work that we would not have gained otherwise. The support is very personable on the other end of the phone for us.

    The work that we have received has been good, and the drivers like it. It all appears to go very smoothly, with accurate information provided. It integrates directly with our dispatch system so there is little for us to do. They are upfront with their costing, and it is all very clear.

    We are happy to be working alongside Cabubble as a professional source of work. We look forward to continued collaboration.

    Kirsty (Manager) Magnum Whiteline, Whitefield

  • MiniCabRide, London

    Joining Cabubble was the best step we took a few months ago, which has helped increase our number of bookings and amount of business. The staff were very helpful throughout the onboarding process, less effort for our staff as our systems are integrated via API and bookings are directly dropping into our dispatching system.

    The online booking system works excellently and the feedback from the customers who have booked online is always positive.

    The payment system is also very efficient and the cost is much less as compared to others. Very helpful for the cab companies who are looking for expansion.

    Excellent Service! Highly Recommended.

    Kausar Shahzar (Director) MiniCabRide, London

  • Nexus Express Cars, London

    We have been on Cabubble for two years now and I can hand on heart say it was the best decision we have made. Cabubble brings in a lot of work, it is easy to use and can bring jobs in not only from your area but from a vast distance away, giving you access to an affordable way to increase your work.

    It is money well spent: I used to spend hundreds a month doing traditional carding which yields little results, yet Cabubble gives work for a fraction of the cost, and quality work at that.

    Airports, long distance, festivals, corporate... it has changed my business in a big way and saved me £££s in the process. Very highly recommended.

    Amir Jarman (Director) Nexus Express Cars, London

  • Paisley Taxis, Renfrewshire

    We have been using Cabubble for over four years now and still haven't seen another platform that is better. The system is easy to use and compatible with most dispatch systems. Payment system is quick and efficient. It is a brilliant way of increasing your bookings and getting new customers.

    Service is excellent and I cannot rate Cabubble highly enough.

    Craig Allan (Director) Paisley Taxis, Renfrewshire

  • Paul's Private Hire, North Somerset

    As an established small business we needed a method of getting extra work without being overwhelmed with work we couldn’t cover or didn’t want, and aware many systems appear to be geared towards large operations.

    The Cabubble system allows you to tailor the scope of work to postcodes and areas you want, adding or removing as little or often as you wish. You keep complete control over pricing and the booking flow and receipt of fares is clear and easy to use.

    A must for any cab business.

    Paul Bearman (Proprietor) Paul's Private Hire, North Somerset

  • Premier Cars, Cardiff and Bridgend

    Premier Cars Cardiff and Bridgend have used the Cabubble taxi and private hire booking system since November 2010. We have seen dramatic improvements to the system and find it to be easy to use and very accurate. We find the quotation calculator linked to our website is superb – we have seen the work increase nicely.

    Peter Renwick (Director) Premier Cars, Cardiff and Bridgend

  • Stanley Travel, Stanley

    Having worked with Cabubble for a number of years now, we are noticing a marked increase in good quality work coming from them! Thanks to the easy to use portal it's simple and fast to accept bookings and process payments, and with the added bonus of the iCabbi integration feature, the bookings are made directly into iCabbi without having to be re-typed! I would like to add the support from Cabubble is always first rate!

    We look forward to many more years of working together.

    Andrew Goodchild (Manager) Stanley Travel, Stanley

  • TC Cars, West Midlands

    TC Cars are a private hire company based in Solihull and Birmingham with over 350 drivers. We have been using Cabubble for the last few months and can honestly say that the system has been great for us. We receive more work from our surrounding areas than ever before; even some of our local passengers have taken to booking through Cabubble due to the extra security of paying by card.

    We could not recommend Cabubble enough as an online booking system.

    Lee Roberts (Transport Manager) TC Cars, Solihull and Birmingham

  • Twenty3 Taxis, Hartlepool

    We are always grateful for the work that comes our way via Cabubble; a lot of customers now use it regularly for their airport trips. It is simple for the customer and now with the automatic payment system, even easier for us.

    What makes this stand out from the crowd is the ability for job notifications to come up on multiple operator computer screens whenever anybody makes a booking.

    Dave Hudson (Director) Twenty3 Taxis, Hartlepool

  • United Taxis, Bournemouth

    United Taxis, Bournemouth's largest fleet, have always been delighted with the support from Cabubble. The booking screen is so easy to use and covers all types of booking scenarios. This site covers the entire country and offers a range of prices in most towns. The new easy-to-use online prepayment is a fantastic upgrade.

    Cabubble just keeps getting better.

    Derek Heritage (Marketing Manager) United Taxis, Bournemouth

  • Western Cars, Derby

    We have been involved with Cabubble for over seven years and have seen it improve from a normal standard booking platform into a very efficient easy to use system, both for the operator and customer.

    The big benefit is being able to adapt the system into what you want it to do. You can select the areas, the times, the prices and the vehicles that you want to work and cover.

    Another major plus is the "Stripe" card payment system. This guarantees your payment as soon as you accept the job. Money is paid to you within 72 hours.

    We have Cabubble set up in our system as a normal company account. This way you get the 10% from the driver but you load the fare you charge the customer to cover your bank costs and give the driver his 10% back. For larger companies, this saves a lot of admin.

    The next improvement which I know is planned is to integrate the Cabubble platform into the industry's major taxi dispatch systems. This would be great for us as it would save taking it off one computer and having to input it into our booking system.

    I would recommend anyone to use this system as I am sure it will continue to improve.

    Mark Keenan (Managing Director) Western Cars, Derby

  • Yelo Taxis, Essex

    We joined Cabubble in September 2011 and have seen steady growth of our online bookings. Customer experience is very positive: they love the freedom of being able to book at any time without having to book by phone and also the fact that they get a confirmation of their booking immediately by email. It has also brought us good repeat customers.

    It also releases staff to answer phones, enabling them to put Cabubble bookings into the system at quieter periods; we also use the Stripe payment system which with one click of the mouse gets payment into the bank without having to punch details into a credit card terminal.

    All in all a very positive experience for our customers and staff. We would thoroughly recommend Cabubble to potential taxi and private hire operators.

    Eric Bailey (Director) Yelo Taxis, Braintree