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Help for passengers using Cabubble.

New Bookings

How do I get a quote?

Cabubble is a self-service online taxi and minicab booking system. Please click here and enter your travel requirements directly into the website to look up quotes.

Cabubble is not a taxi or private hire operator – our platform helps you get a quote and book with the most suitable cab company for your travel. We are proud to work with hundreds of independent private hire and taxi service providers across the UK.

I'm travelling to the airport and must not be late. How much time should I allow to ensure I don't miss my flight?

Always plan to arrive at the airport no later than recommended by your airline. There are many online tools available to estimate the driving time required. Finally, we always recommend you add some contingency for traffic or other delays.

Can I book a taxi near me? A local taxi company will know my area best.

Click the crosshairs icon on the quote search screen in the From or To field to set your current location. Nearby taxi services will appear in quotes where available.

(Please first ensure Location Services are enabled on your phone or browser)

How do I book multiple pick-up or drop-off points?

You cannot book trips online with multiple stops. If you have already booked and your travel requirements have changed, please contact the cab firm to discuss changes. Their contact details are available in your booking confirmation e-mail.

I'm not sure which vehicle I need. What would you recommend?

All quotes display passenger and luggage capacities for each vehicle. These are maximum capacities set by each transport provider, so if you prefer to travel in greater comfort, consider a larger vehicle.

I need a vehicle or service that isn't offered. Can you help?

Cabubble does not operate vehicles of its own. Our system allows independent firms to offer their minicab and taxi services online. If you need a vehicle or service not offered, we recommend you contact a local cab firm direct to discuss any special requirements.

I don't know my postcode. How can I find it?

Try the Royal Mail Postcode Finder website, which will help you find the postcode for any UK address.

My postcode doesn't work. Why not?

If your postcode is new it may not be available in our database yet. Similarly, if it is old, the postcode may no longer be valid. We recommend you check the postcode on the Royal Mail Postcode Finder.

How do I pay for my cab ride?

All quotes show if you can pay cash when you travel or pay online in advance by card. Whether cash or card fares are available may vary from one cab firm to another.

Signing Up

I created a taxi booking account but haven't received a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

Click Log In and enter your e-mail address and password, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Airport Travel

I'm booking a taxi to collect me from the airport. How do I find my car when my flight arrives?

This depends on the services offered by your chosen airport taxi provider. Services offered (such as a 'meet and greet' service) are shown on-screen when you make your booking. You and the airport transfer provider will have each other's contact details, so you can reach each other if there is a problem.

My inbound flight is delayed. How long will my cab driver wait?

Your driver will wait according to the cab firm's own policy. If possible, contact your airport transfer firm direct to tell them you will be delayed. Alternatively, if you anticipate being late at the time you book, you may prefer a later pick-up time.


Does Cabubble guarantee cheap taxi fares online?

Cabubble does not claim or guarantee to give you cheap taxi fares. Taxi and minicab operators across the UK independently offer their own fares through our booking platform.

Who sets the fares?

Fares are set independently by cab firms using our platform. Cabubble does not have any control over the fares quoted.

I've seen a better online quote on a competitor site. Can Cabubble match it?

Cabubble does not control fares – you see the best fares available from member firms.

If you see a cheaper quote for your airport taxi, you've got to ask yourself one question – do I really know what I am booking? Beware of sites claiming to 'choose the best taxi firm' for you, or do not name your taxi firm or private hire operator. What are they trying to hide? With Cabubble, you are always firmly in control. You're always booking direct with a named fully-licensed taxi or private hire company.

I have a taxi promo code from my local cab firm. Can I use it for cheap cab fares in Cabubble?

No, Cabubble does not accept taxi promo codes for cheap cab fares. To get a discounted cab ride you must use it with the cab firm directly.

Paying by Card

What card types can I use?

You can pay by credit or debit card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

When I pay by card, who receives the payment?

Your card payment is made direct to your chosen taxi or minicab provider. Cabubble does not hold your money at any time.

This differs from many online cab booking systems which charge your card themselves, only later transferring the funds to the cab firm, a practice which may be illegal.

How do I get a refund?

Your card was charged by the taxi or minicab provider you booked (as shown on your card statement) so please contact them direct to discuss a refund. Since Cabubble did not charge your card, we cannot issue any refunds.

To see the cab firm contact details, please log in and view the relevant booking.

I'm travelling on business and need an invoice or receipt for my expenses. How do I get this?

If you have a Cabubble for Business account, download a PDF invoice yourself from the booking details screen.

For an individual account, you must request an invoice from the cab firm. You can do this using the messaging link on the booking details screen. For cash fares, request a receipt from your driver when you travel.

I've entered my card details correctly but they keep being rejected. What can I do?

Check carefully that you are entering your name and numbers exactly as printed on the card. For address and postcode, these must exactly match the cardholder's statement address registered with the card provider. Please check the address and postcode carefully before resubmitting your card.

If you are still having difficulty, please try a different card or contact your card issuer for assistance.

I get a 'zip code failed validation' error when submitting my card. What can I do?

Ensure the address and postcode/zip code you enter are exactly the same as your address registered with the card issuer or bank, as shown on a recent card statement. If the card still fails, please try a different card or contact your card issuer or bank for assistance.

My card payment failed but the full amount is showing on my statement. Why?

Sometimes when your card network blocks a payment, they will record the full amount temporarily on your statement as an authorisation or pending transaction.

This is not a charge and it will disappear automatically. How blocked payments are handled varies from one card network to another, so please check with your card issuer if you require specific details. Your card issuer can also confirm that your card has not been charged.

To minimise the risk of a blocked payment, always make sure the cardholder name, address and postcode you enter exactly match details registered with your card issuer.

What is this unexpected £1.00 charge on my card statement? I want this refunded immediately.

Occasionally, when you enter your card details, our external payments processor may make an automated authorisation request for £0, £1 or sometimes the entire fare, to validate your card. Even if the card payment fails, this authorisation may remain visible on your statement for a short while.

This is not a charge and it will disappear automatically. Since no money has been taken from your account, there is nothing to refund, and you will not incur any charges. Please see here for further details.

If you have an American Express card, see here for information on pending transactions.

My card statement shows I've been charged twice. I want this corrected immediately.

Please check carefully which entries on your statement are Cabubble fares.

Every fare paid through Cabubble will show the corresponding booking reference on the card statement, and the amount charged will exactly match the total fare in your booking confirmation.

If you are unable to identify the source of a transaction on your card statement, your bank or card issuer may be able to give you more details.

I don't want my card details stored for future bookings. How do I remove them?

Log in and use Payment Methods on the settings screen to update and remove cards. You can do this any time.


Will I be charged if I cancel my taxi or minicab?

If you cancel your booked minicab or taxi, your chosen operator may apply a cancellation charge, depending on their individual cancellation policy. Please note any cancellation policy details displayed while making your booking.

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I need to discuss my taxi booking. What should I do?

Please log in to your Cabubble account and click 'Help' for further assistance.

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