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Help for passengers using Cabubble.


What is Cabubble?

Cabubble is an online taxi booking system, specialising in UK airport transfers. Our fast and simple web platform lets you find the best fare and service and book a taxi in real time.

What does it cost?

Signing up is free. There is no charge for booking your taxi online, whether it's a transfer to the airport or a trip into town.

There are lots of online taxi calculator and taxi booking websites. Why should I use Cabubble?

Cabubble offers a range of fully licensed taxi and private hire firms giving you the best possible choice. Our unique real-time system eliminates potential delays and errors of telephone bookings, and provides electronic booking confirmation for all transfers. Cabubble should not be confused with e-mail based taxi booking systems or online taxi calculators which may give online quotes you cannot actually book.

I live in North London but the system has offered me a taxi company in South London. Can I still book it?

Yes – you can choose any online taxi quote offered on Cabubble. Choose a local taxi or minicab firm if you wish. With Cabubble you can book minicabs in London and across the UK.

What are the benefits of using Cabubble to book my airport taxi?

Booking in advance means you'll know how much your airport transfer will cost, with the peace of mind of knowing your travel is arranged so you can focus on your holiday or business trip. If you haven't booked in advance and have to catch a cab from the rank outside the airport it could cost more. If you're travelling to the airport, booking a cab may cost less than taking your own car, considering the expense and inconvenience of airport parking. If several people travel together, sharing a cab is often faster, easier and cheaper than public transport.

Each time I search for "heathrow taxi cheap" or "cheap taxi heathrow" your site comes up. Does this mean you offer cheap taxi fares?

Taxi fares are set independently by cab firms. Look up a quote and see what fares are available from different cab operators. You may find anything from cheap taxi fares to executive car and chauffeur services.

What are your terms and conditions?

Click here to view Cabubble's Operating Policies including our Terms of Use.

Services and Accessibility

What type of vehicles do you have?

We provide an online booking system for taxi and private hire service providers – Cabubble does not operate its own vehicles. Your choice of vehicle depends on which operator you choose in our booking system – anything from a standard saloon car to an MPV or chauffeured limousine.

I use a wheelchair. Can I book a wheelchair-accessible vehicle with Cabubble?

There are many vehicle types offered in Cabubble. If a member cab firm offers wheelchair-accessible vehicles, you can book one.

Can I book bus tickets and train tickets through Cabubble?

No – Cabubble is only for booking cabs online. We do not provide ticketing for other transport services.

Do you offer car rental?

No – Cabubble does not provide any kind of vehicle rental services. We only provide online cab booking services.

Can I book a taxi or minicab for courier or parcel delivery?

No – while many taxi and private hire operators operate parcel delivery services, these cannot be booked through Cabubble.

Can I book a minicab or taxi for my wedding reception?

Yes – you can book a minicab or taxi but an executive car or limo might be more suitable, if available.


Are my personal details safe?

Your personal details are stored securely in our database and are only used for providing you the Cabubble online taxi booking service. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

Is the website secure?

Cabubble uses industry-standard HTTPS to protect all information transferred between your browser and our servers, all of which are housed in secure UK data centres. Look for the closed padlock icon in the browser – this shows the connection is secure. HTTPS is used by all reputable online businesses.

How do I know the cab firms are safe?

Only taxi and private hire operators licensed by their local authority are allowed to join Cabubble.

Who is responsible for my travel?

The taxi provider you choose will be solely responsible for your travel. Cabubble is an online booking platform, not a transport provider.


Can I book my taxi over the telephone?

No, all taxi and private hire cab bookings must be made using our secure online web system.

Do you have a taxi booking app?

Yes. Cabubble for Android is now available, while an iOS version is coming soon. Alternatively, you can book taxis and minicabs on your device using our mobile-friendly cab booking site.


I live outside the UK and need to book an airport transfer for my next vacation to London, England. I want to go from Heathrow Airport to central London. Can I book this?

Yes you can. Our cab booking system saves you the time and expense of international phone calls to UK taxi companies or limousine services. You can book minicabs in London or anywhere else you're travelling in the UK.

I'm from the USA – can I pay for my taxi in US dollars?

No – all taxi fares are quoted and must be paid in pounds sterling (GBP).