Considering Taxi Promo Codes for Your Cab Firm?

Offering promotional discount codes to your passengers can be a great benefit to your cab firm for many reasons. Used correctly they can entice new passengers, cement the business of existing customers and allow you to see which advertising methods give the best return on investment.

Many people are loyal to the vendors they know and love, whatever they're purchasing, so how are you going to attract prospective passengers away from rival cab firms? If quality and service between yourselves and other local fleets are comparable, a useful differentiator is promotional pricing.

Everyone likes a good deal and this is especially important when trying to win new business. By offering promotional codes and discounts on your online web booker for new clients, you give yourself another advantage when it comes to winning new business.

Once you've got the business, how do you retain it? A different promotional code can be offered to existing clients with a different level of discount which rewards them for being a loyal customer.

The ability to track the use of promotional codes across different media is a valuable way to guide your advertising and marketing spend. For example, if different promo codes are used in different local newspapers to advertise the same percentage discount, you will be able to see which publication gives you the best market penetration. Apply this thinking to carding, leaflets, radio campaigns, billboards and online ads and you will quickly identify where to focus your advertising.

Promo codes can be a very powerful tool if used correctly. They can help cab firms gain new business, win new clients and, over time, determine which methods of advertising generate the best return on investment.

Cabubble's White Label Taxi Booking Engine offers all of this, and much more.

Posted by jason on 08 Jan 2016.
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