Attracting Corporate Work

Keeping drivers busy is crucial, but good quality corporate account work is favoured above all other types. Why is this and how can cab firms get more work from business travellers?

A busy driver is a happy driver. Most drivers and cab firms prefer work from corporate accounts as business travellers are more likely to be clean, courteous and on-time. Payment is more likely to be prompt since somebody else is paying: the corporate traveller either claims expenses with a receipt, or it's charged on account. Similarly, contracts with schools and the NHS where passengers need regular travel are more likely to be trouble-free.

Many cab firms offer account payment facilities to local businesses. However, since there is a limit to how much credit a cab firm can offer, how can cab firms attract more work from highly prized corporate travellers without borrowing money? How can cab firms access large corporate clients who need to book taxis using their own travel-booking platforms?

Cabubble is integrated with Travel Management Companies (TMCs) including Click Travel and Concur Technologies whose clientele, many being household names, require taxis for staff on business travel. In addition to business travellers being clean, courteous and punctual, another advantage is that they pay via corporate credit or debit cards. This reduces credit terms to the time a card processor takes to transfer money to your bank account, improving your cash flow relative to normal account-based work.

TMCs require high quality cab firms to service their business needs: this means safe, clean vehicles driven by polite drivers, operated by reliable taxi firms offering value for money. Their customers demand hassle free transport so that employees arrive at their destination fresh and ready to concentrate on work.

When looking to attract more business travellers, consider Cabubble. With Cabubble's direct integrations into TMCs, cab firms seeking business travellers are put in touch with TMCs seeking cab firms – a perfect synergy.

Posted by jason on 16 Jun 2016.
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