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Help for private hire and taxi operators using Cabubble.


I've used online taxi bidding systems before. Why should I use Cabubble?

There is no bidding process with Cabubble – when a booking request is made, it goes straight to one cab firm, as chosen by the passenger. This happens instantly with no need to respond to e-mails or pick up the phone.

Is Cabubble a reverse auction taxi booking system?

No – Cabubble is not a reverse auction taxi booking system. The online cab booking is made direct with one taxi firm, as chosen by the passenger.

Does Cabubble offer a taxi and private hire directory?

No, we do not operate a taxi or private hire directory. Cabubble is a real-time booking platform for fully licensed taxi and private hire service providers, offering live cab prices.

Who is responsible for the passenger's transfer?

You, the transport provider, are solely responsible for the passenger's transfer. Cabubble is a system to streamline your online taxi booking operations. We do not operate any vehicles and therefore accept no responsibility for the transfer. It's your job to offer passengers safe and timely transport services.

Do you run background checks on passengers?

No, we don't run checks on passengers before or after they've made a booking.

Can we use it for all taxi jobs?

Yes, you can. While our focus is getting people to and from the airport, you can use Cabubble for all taxi jobs booked online.

Can Cabubble help me to fill airport transfer dead legs?

While Cabubble is not designed for this, you could receive a booking for the dead leg of an airport transfer.

I'd like more cab work from business travellers and TMCs. Can you give me more cab jobs from business travellers and TMCs?

Cabubble can bring you taxi jobs from a range of sources, including corporate clients and travel management companies.

My minicab company specialises in sea port and ferry transfers. Do you offer these minicab jobs?

Cabubble can provide taxi jobs for sea and ferry ports and many other leisure and business travel destinations.

Technology and Dispatch

We've got everything computerised in our office. Why should we replace it with Cabubble?

Cabubble is not designed to replace your existing systems. It works alongside them and your phone lines as an additional means of generating taxi jobs.

What kind of computer do I need to run Cabubble?

Cabubble is a web-based application. Unlike some taxi booking software and cab dispatching systems, all you need is a PC running any popular browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.

Do you make cab booking apps?

Yes. Android apps are available. Apps for other mobile platforms are in development. Our responsive white-label booking engine works with all mobile browsers.

Can I connect Cabubble to my dispatch system?

Cabubble integrates seamlessly with Autocab and iCabbi. Integrations for other dispatch systems are in development. Dispatch integration allows STP (straight-through-processing) of taxi jobs booked in Cabubble straight into your existing dispatch system, without the need to enter job details manually.

How do I set up Autocab integration?

Please speak to your Autocab support team for assistance. For your security, the Autocab integration process must be initiated by you, not Cabubble.

How do I set up iCabbi integration?

Please speak to your iCabbi support team for assistance. For your security, the iCabbi integration process must be initiated by you, not Cabubble.

I've heard Cabubble is the top taxi booking system in the UK. Is this true?

We work hard to make the best taxi booking system possible, for taxi and minicab operators, passengers and all other system users. View our presentation to discover more about the system, or read testimonials from other companies who work with us.

White Label Taxi Booking Engine

You provide a white label taxi booking engine – can you build a website for me too?

We do not build websites for partner taxi and private hire service providers – you must make one yourself or find a taxi web design company to do it for you.

Does your white label taxi booking engine have a taxi promo code feature to help promote my discounted cab rides?

Yes. Our white label taxi booking engine has a taxi promo code feature. Use this to promote discounted cab rides in your local area and stand out from other taxi and minicab operators.

Many passengers want to book a taxi on their mobile phone. Is your white label taxi booking engine mobile-friendly?

Yes. All white label taxi booking engines work on mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

Signing Up

How do I sign up?

If you run an established taxi or private hire company, please view our presentation. Complete the relevant application form at the end, and follow the instructions. You will be contacted subsequently to assess your suitability to join Cabubble. Click here to view our presentation.

I run a chauffeured limousine company / executive car service, not a minicab or taxi service – can I also join?

Yes – with Cabubble you can offer a range of vehicles including chauffeured limousines and executive cars.

Our licence is stuck in the post, can we join in advance?

No – Cabubble operates a strict policy of only entertaining applications from fully licensed taxi and private hire operators. This is both to protect passengers and uphold the reputation of our member operators.