Travellers to get instant response when they need it most

London, UK, 25 May 2010 — Cabubble today launches a live, real-time, taxi booking system to take the headache out of airport travel. The taxi industry is one of the oldest industries in the country where bookings have not been properly automated. If you think of plane or train tickets, or even theatre tickets, these can all be bought quickly and efficiently using online systems which give you a range of choices. However with taxis you are still largely limited to picking up the phone and calling around a number of firms to find the right fare and service for you.

For longer trips such as airport transfers you could find that it is worthwhile to call a number of firms to find the quickest and least costly option, but this will inevitably take some time and effort. Before Cabubble, there have been a number of websites trying to solve this problem but none of them have really managed it. They seem to enjoy limited success, but one thing that they all have in common is that they are based on emails and therefore reliant on taxi firms responding to emails quickly and also putting in acceptable bids for the work. If either of those does not happen, the email based systems just do not work. With Cabubble there are no delays. It does not rely on emails but is instead a live, real time system where passengers can book taxis online and get immediate responses from fully licensed private hire firms.

Describing the business model, Finance Officer Chris Neophytou said "the key thing for us was to deliver a value for money service all round. Operators are encouraged to offer their best price possible to maximise the amount of business they win but the essential part of the equation is that Cabubble do not charge passengers a penny!"

The response from taxi firms so far has been amazing. Bernard Poon, Sales & Communications Manager of Cabubble, has been spearheading the charge to get interested firms to give Cabubble coverage and could not believe it when the first firm he approached signed up. In under one month, Cabubble has London stably covered by registered member firms. Bernard has been told by some of the firms "remember me when you're a millionaire", "why hadn't I heard of this system before", and "this is head and shoulders the best booking system I've seen so far!"

Cabubble now has stable taxi coverage across the capital serving all of London's five airports and is now looking for support from taxi firms in the surrounding Home Counties. In the near future, Cabubble aims to offer the booking platform to all UK airports and accept registrations from fully licensed taxi firms across the country. For more info, visit

Cabubble Limited is an independent company providing online booking solutions to passengers and fully licensed private hire and taxi companies throughout the UK. Visit to find out more.

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