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Cornwall Airport Newquay is Cornwall's main commercial airport, situated on the coast north-east of Newquay. Cornwall Airport is ideally placed for visiting England's south-west, popular with UK domestic and overseas visitors alike.

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      Why book a taxi to Cornwall Airport?


      Taking a taxi to Cambridge Airport ensures you take a direct and efficient route, avoiding the risk of delays or getting lost that may happen if driving yourself. Taking a taxi means you can use your travel time as you like and still arrive at the airport promptly, giving you peace of mind and reducing stress before your flight.

      Comfort and Convenience

      Taxis offer a comfortable and convenient travel option, particularly if you're taking luggage or travelling with family or friends, or prefer to avoid crowded public transport. Enjoy the convenience of being dropped directly at the airport terminal building, without the need for long-stay parking or additional transfers.


      Booking a taxi in advance allows for flexible scheduling and a personalised service. Whether you have specific travel requirements or need assistance with luggage, a taxi service can accommodate your needs and preferences. You can choose your departure time and route, ensuring a tailored and comfortable travel experience.

      Economical Spend

      Booking a taxi to Cornwall Airport can be especially cost-effective for group travel, with the fare shared between several passengers.

      Cornwall Airport Website

      For more information, including live flight updates and details of all services available at the airport, see the official airport website: