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Help for private hire and taxi operators using Cabubble.

What can Cabubble do for me?

How can Cabubble bring more taxi and airport transfer work to me?

Cabubble brings more work to your cab operation through our strength in search engines, industry partnerships, Facebook application and white label taxi booking engines. For more information click here to view our presentation.

How much extra taxi work does Cabubble guarantee?

Cabubble does not guarantee extra business – work you get depends on what you offer through our system.

What are your credit terms? How do I get paid?

Cabubble requires no credit from you. You can take cash fares from the passenger or process card payments in advance.

Can I take fares using my PayPal account?

No. Fares must be cash or card.

What does it cost?

Cabubble fees are very competitive. Please see our presentation for full details.

Will I be charged for cancelling taxi work?

No. If you discover you can no longer fulfil an existing booking, cancel it promptly to minimise inconvenience to the passenger. You will not be penalised – we understand that as a cab firm you want as much taxi work as possible, so will not cancel taxi bookings lightly.

Join Us

I'd like to sign up – can I talk to someone about joining Cabubble?

If you operate an established taxi or private hire firm, please view our presentation. At the end, complete the relevant application form and follow the steps indicated. A member of the team will then contact you to assess your suitability to join Cabubble. Click here to view our presentation.

I've signed up already but haven't received a response from you. Why not?

When you applied, the system will have sent an e-mail to the address given with further instructions. Click here if you don't have the mail.

Can private hire drivers use Cabubble?

Cabubble is not a private hire operator, so private hire drivers are not eligible to use the system.

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